In 2005, after building a 16 years' successful carrier at the most reputed life science institutes of the US, NIH (Bethesda, MD) Dr. Oláh and his wife Éva Kocsis returned to Hungary, bought a company and renamed it to Acheuron Ltd. Dr. Oláh and Dr. Kocsis acquired their molecular and structural biology skills, respectively, in the best research institutes of the Bethesda campus:

The Acheuron Ltd. develops custom made databases for number of worldwide costumers by its BioDjinnTM, a homemade knowledge management software, operated by molecular biologist curators. Acheuron's costumers include the latest Aureus Science in France that was bought in 2012 by the Elsevier, one of the biggest intercontinental Netherlands-based journal & book seller.

The Acheuron Ltd is an "evidence-based, state-of-the-art" knowledge-based drug development company, also specializing in scientific, technical, and medical contents. Dr. Olah's, the main owner of Acheuron has broad scientific interests in multiple fields of digital life sciences, co-author of 83 international journals' articles (impact factor: 290+, independent international citation: 2400+, Hirsch 32).

Dr. Olah, working for the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, has founded the Molecular Surgery Unit (MSU) in the Institute of Biochemistry. He currently is an associate professor at the Institute of Chemistry of the University of Miskolc https://vegyeszmernok.eu/kutatocsoportok/ where he is the Chief of the Bioinformatics and Molecular Surgery Unit (BMSU), a cutting-edge molecular biology and biochemistry laboratory https://vegyeszmernok.eu/bioinformatika-es-molekularis-idegsebeszet/ .