The genomic data explosion cannot be handled by following the traditional literature, only by data repositories built with the tools of bioinformatics. Particularly unexpected and unprepared, the biological and clinical communities in the health industry, mostly only those who have traditionally understood or applied drug research in organic chemistry, have become aware of new drug targets and target proteins that enrich the digital life sciences at the atomic level.

After launching molecular neurosurgery its own path, since 2005, the main profile of Acheuron Ltd. become the knowledge-based chemo-, bioinformatics.

We carry out text mining activities using artificial (BioDjinn) and natural curatorial intelligence and comprehension. One of the day-to-day activities of the Acheuron team in the field of digital life sciences is data and content text mining of articles pre-filtered based on scientific abstracts and keywords. Our mission is to build an up-to-date database (DB) from scientific publications and patents (4-5000 articles), which can be retrieved from several perspectives of science and market research. We also provide knowledge management services with our databases, e.g. we conduct novelty, target group, customer research, but we also help to cut innovative drug development costs by compiling patents and clinical trial dossiers, and summarizing laboratory and human trial data. We shorten the time from the laboratory to the clinical trial (Bench-to-Bedside, B2B) so that the safety of patients is not compromised by manufacturers and distributors. We compile experimental, new drug dossiers (INDs) that meet even the most stringent requirements of the FDA to begin a clinical trial.

Acheuron's digital life sciences and knowledge management team is comprised of highly trained molecular biologists who have demonstrated their ability to contribute to the discovery of lead molecules, uploading and testing of chemo- and bioinformatics data on active substances, including bench-to-bedside, B2B). 

Our customers are universities and research institutes, and ELSEVIER, the world's largest-selling scientific journal and book publisher. ELSEVIER has chosen Acheuron's DB building services because of years of hands-on experience in manual annotation of drug discovery information from CMC and ADMETox to clinical trials.. In the IT arena, we have rightly earned our place among the world's leading QCs, high-quality service companies.

Text mining of experimental data and uploading QC to a database - one of our internationally proven strengths makes us one of the best bioinformatics companies in the world and because of our curators with a degree in molecular biology have been at home, for decades, in i) enzymology, ii) cell division, or iii) binding of lead molecule candidates to their target proteins, either by uploading data from in vitro, in vivo or clinical trials to a database. We are also breaking down the walls between disciplines and introducing an interdisciplinary vision in building scientific databases. Bearing in mind of systems biology approach, we collect important flux and metabolomic parameters in cellular material streams, and record changes in rare genetic diseases in order to understand the effect of dietary agents on the target protein or on each other. We place great emphasis on the elucidation of the expected in vivo mechanisms of action of drugs and target molecules under development on target proteins.  

If you are looking for a digital life science database builder service partner with the most accurate QC, look no further! Our curators have invincible scientific experience in the fields of pharmacology, rare genomic diseases, personalized cellular healing, molecular neuro- and plaque surgery. They are at home in the text mining of patent and scientific literatures of the design and manufacture of a wide variety of vaccines, gene therapies, viral vectors, and the construction of databases that are versatile in terms of key scientific considerations. Our repository of best practices has proven to be suitable for cutting or cost-effectively redirecting RDI spending. We are effective in targeting drugs to a new, selective protein target.