Ache(ne)uron is an English fusion word combination: ache + neuron

Inflammatory pain is transmitted from any parts of our body to our brain by nociceptív neuron's fibers (i.e.: C-, & Ad-acheuron) in the Peripheral Nervous System (PNS). First of all a selective painkiller interrupts the pain pathway at the levels of the nerve-endings encompasses multiple receptors of inflammatory pain (TRPV1). Thus, the TRPV1 is not capable to transmit chronic "bad" pain signal into the Central Nervous System, while a "good" pain information is not eliminated, in situ. In the case of unbearable pain the best solution would be Dr. Olah's invention the acheuron-selective Molecular Neurosurgery in the levels of PNS.

The treatment, called Molecular Neurosurgery, was developed by the main owner of our company, Dr. Zoltán Oláh, in the United States, by cutting the axon starting at the place of the pain, so preventing the stimulus from entering the brain, thus developing the feeling of pain. The cutting is not done with a scalpel, but with one of the active ingredients of a plant found in nature.

The procedure is protected by a patent, which is currently in a clinical trial phase at the National Institutes of Health in the United States.